Lava Dolls


Contrast. It’s light and dark, melodic and harsh. It’s quiet despair and primal scream therapy. Contrast strikes to your core and rips you from the mundane. Lava Dolls are the sonic embodiment of that roller-coaster. One minute they’re loud smashing cymbals and cranked Hiwatts, and the next olde piano and cello, or is it a bowed electric bass? The delicate sound of brushes against a snare drum becomes like knives as a lullaby melody veils the band’s darkest lyrics.

Next you’re dragged into an anthemic punk frenzy, and the hook is what? One word, one note, held to infinity like a hymn – you suddenly find yourself singing along to a song you’ve never heard before. Does it sound like Bad Brains or Muse? Lennon or The Foo’s? Your guess is as good as mine. To be sure, they are a rock band for the ADHD generation – those sick of that pink stuff from The Matrix. If you don’t like them, shame on you.





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