Kurt Swinghammer


Another Another is the 13th full length solo release from Kurt Swingammer. He was the co-writer and arranger of Lori Cullen’s Sexsmith Swinghammer Songs, released last year on True North Records. As a session guitarist he has contributed to over 100 CDs by artists including Dragonette, Serena Ryder, Royal Wood, and Great Big Sea. He won the Best Local Guitarist in the NOW Magazine Reader’s Poll, and was NOW’s cover story following the release of his first CD PoMo A GoGo. He has played live with countless artists including Kevin Drew, Sarah Slean, Ani Difranco, and was on the first Lillith Fair Tour with Wild Strawberries. He has co-written with Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), and Alanis Morissette. He has composed soundtracks and theme songs for over 70 film and TV projects including recent episodes of David Suzuki’s The Nature Of Things. He is currently the guitarist in Don Kerr’s rock trio Communism.


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