K O D A E’s blend of Alternative RnB is both Bow Valley and Modern Metropolis. Combining their mutual love for modern groove with their connection to nature and mysticism, this group of intergenerational musicians weave songs that strut like breakbeats but flow and warm the heart like a valley stream at sunset.

With their different backgrounds, each member brings a unique flavour to the table: Annie da Silva’s velvety voice and cutting lyrics, Owen Mcpherson’s gospel roots on the deep five, Seyoung Lee’s lush jazz textures on the keys, Curtis Sauer’s ambitious groove on the drums and Eric Osborne’s fluid harmonies on the guitar.

Performing at outdoor festivals, concert halls, breweries and cafes alike, K O D A E has shared the stage with the likes of Micheal Bernard Fitzgerald, The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer and the Royal Foundry and are proud to be part of the thriving RnB community of Mohkinstsis. Don’t sleep on this up and coming group as they prepare to record their full length, self-titled debut in 2023.




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