JS Williams


JS Williams has played an important role in music both in Montreal and internationally with his remarkable work as a composer, guitarist and musician. His unique talent has led him to work with acclaimed artists such as Yannick Rieu, Térez Montcalm, Alejandra. Ribera, Socalled, Zale Seck, Elisapie and others.

In 2019 Williams will release his first album From A Plane, (which was recorded with the help of Rob Heaney (Patrick Watson, Barr Brothers) and is already being compared to Bon Iver and Dan Auerbach.

His recent nomination for best original song “Help is on the way” at the Academy Screen Awards is the latest in a series of original works written for films such as Sashinka by Kristina Wagenbauer (Seatlle IFF, Whistler IFF, Soleure) and Girlfriends by Marie Davignon (TIFF, FNC).


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