Jogee With a G


My name is Jose G. Santos, also known as Jogee With a G, and I’m an experimental R&B artist based in Toronto. I was born and raised in Brazil and came to Canada in my early teens. I started making music at 14 years old when I first found out about FL Studio and started experimenting with very childish sounds and beats. Today, I’ve expanded my horizons through studying Jazz theory and practicing on my OP1 (synthesizer) religiously. I started working on my debut album when I was attending OCAD in the painting and drawing program and decided that music more than anything else was my passion and what I really wanted to pursue.

The album Greenery draws on play metaphors to symbolize growth and reaching maturity. I’ve always really liked plants and how they thrive under very specific conditions. Through my life, I’ve always been moving around so I got to see that the same is true to humans and I wanted to portray that in the album.




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