Jesse Roper


Jesse Roper approaches his profession the same way he would make a mixtape. With barriers down and volume up. “For two weeks I’ll play hardcore blues, and then another two weeks in a row I’ll play classical, and then another two weeks all I want to do is play reggae,” Roper said, a mischievous smile crossing his face. “I’ll try anything.”

The B.C. singer-songwriter’s innate and impressive musical talent has served him well in recent years. It has given the flexibility to play with soul icon Booker T. Jones, rock veteran Colin James, and blues belter Beth Hart, Canadian legend Burton Cummings, then turn around and headline nightclubs and festivals to younger audiences, and look perfectly comfortable in each scenario. Adventuresome doesn’t properly describe Roper as an artist, because when the guitar-wielding dynamo sets out to accomplish something, there’s no telling where his mind will wander, or when his energy will go.

“I will be playing guitar for the rest of my life,” he said. “Whether I get paid to do it or not.”





Listen to Jesse Roper’s “Right Now” on If It’s Too Loud…

British Columbia’s Jesse Roper is making folk music for giant festivals. His latest single, “Right Now,” takes the normally quiet and personal genre and makes it huge. Sure, there are other folk/Americana artists that play arenas, but they typically lose what makes folk great. “Right Now” is a huge arena ready folk/rock song that keeps […]


Sing Loud And Proud For A Reunited Tomorrow With JESSE ROPER And His Tremendous Get-Together ‘RIGHT NOW’ Anthem via Turn Up The Volume

Ahead of it comes steamy single RIGHT NOW. A social commentary about the division between the masses currently facing our world. The news is blown up with stories of right vs left, rich vs poor, and the division in the people which is becoming more apparent as the months go past under Trump’s presidency. Things […]


Jesse Roper Drops New Single “Right Now” via Rock N Load Magazine

“Right Now” is a social commentary about the division between the masses currently facing our world. Recorded with Gus Van Go and Werner F (Arkells, Hollerado, The Trews), I found myself going in a political direction. Something new for me so I was a little nervous.



“Right Now” is a chant – a call to rise above the growing divisiveness that is currently tearing America apart from within. There is no doubt in who Jesse Roper is referencing in his lyrics “this is our man and this is what he tweets.”


Listen To Single: Jesse Roper- Right Now on Victoria Music Scene

“I want folks to be conscious of the fact that the leader of the world power doesn’t seem to think about what he’s saying,” said Roper in an email to his fans. “There’s a lot of damage being done from his errant comments and they’re serving to divide the country. I don’t think he’s an […]