Jason Maxwell


Jason Maxwell is a singer-songwriter & recording artist known for his high-energy performances & approachable personality. Jason’s unique approach to posting creative content online coupled with his genuine eagerness to engage & interact with his listeners has helped him garner global viewership with +70 million views across social media platforms.

With +1.5 million digital streams under his belt, Jason has released +20 songs & his quality of output has not gone unnoticed. Jason has been featured on several editorial playlists including Spotify’s Country Favourites & Live Country playlists, Spotify’s Country Hits station, Apple Music’s New Music Daily & New in Country playlists & Amazon Music’s Breakthrough Country, Certified Country & Fresh Alternative playlists. Jason appears for a cameo performance in the 2021 worldwide Netflix release “Full Out 2” which features “Girls Like To Dance” on the official movie soundtrack.

Despite his youthful appearance, Jason is an experienced & versatile performer – he has performed as a supporting act for several notable artists including The Washboard Union, The Reklaws, Chad Brownlee & J.J. Shiplett.




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