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Jade The Moon is excited to announce 11:11. Set for release early 2018, the new record is a collection of tracks the group says are best described as “musical photographs”. A moment in time turned dance party, true story turned love song, a daydream turned erie alt pop lullaby. Real world inspiration. The follow up to the group’s self-produced 2015 debut release ‘Habits and Hindrance’ sees the continued theme of “cycles” in human nature.

Conversional Tracks like ‘Fall For This’ and ‘Lots Of Money’ are reminders that some times letting go is better than holding on, while ‘Awkward’ is cleverly written song about the struggles many of us face with social acceptance and embracing our insecurities.

This record differs from the last in that the group, for the first time, has collaborated with other producer and songwriters. Colin Monroe, Adam King and Nathan Ferraro bring a special blend of production and pop influences to the bands alternative sound. ” The sound is certainly more focused on this project and we feel the two years between records has really benefitted the song writing”.

Currently the band is busy preparing the live show and planning East and West coast runs of US and Canada for Spring/Summer of 2018. Accompanied by edgy moving visuals and hand painted interpretations of each of the albums tracks, Jade The Moon deliver an explosive visual translation of the studio recordings in a live setting. Additionally, the band is working along side Black Cartel, a Toronto based film production company, in the creation of an eleven minute short film. Each of the 11 tracks on 11:11 are twisted, turned and manipulated into the sound track of a twilight zone esque story; 3 people trapped in a wrinkle of time.

“We hope to take the audience on an emotional roller coaster, these new songs truly reflect our stories” the band comments. “Although VERY personal and coming from VERY different places our collective experiences feel somewhat universal.” In a world full of uncertainty, doubt and fear Jade The Moon revel in the outlet of freedom in making unapologetic music. Watch for 11:11 coming soon to a time zone, screen and speaker near you.






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BEEHIVE CANDY features Jade The Moon’s latest “5 6 7 8” on this week’s Alternative Take


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