Jackie and her brother


They met when she was born. 8 years apart in age. They grew up in the suburbs near Toronto, Canada only to cross paths musically later in life. Being in a band with family is not always easy; a relationship impacted by years of familiarity and family dynamics. The siblings decided to work on several songs that remained unfinished and forgotten. The result is a new project from Jackie and Mark Andrade. The name, “Jackie and her brother” is a simple way to describe their dynamic and their shared love for catchy, pop-inspired bands that they listened to across different decades as they grew up.

Growing up is a funny yet beautiful thing. In their first single, siblings, Jackie and Mark Andrade hint at the wonder and fears of coming of age that everyone goes through. Using some 80s inspired emotionally charged production, they explore the fears and inevitability of growing up”.

The song was produced and written in a cottage in Northern Ontario, and the vocals were finished in Jackie’s apartment in The Junction, Toronto.




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