J.O. Mairs


J.O. Mairs is an emcee/producer/songwriter from Mississauga, Ontario (a city in Canada bordering Toronto). After spending over a decade honing his craft, developing his sound and style, he now feels he is ready to let the world in on the operations of his brand he refers to as “Mairs Society”. With a balance of golden era rap and the more new school melodic bounce, J.O. plays both sides of hip-hop’s generation gap. With his ability to adapt to the new waves yet stay true to the art form, Mairs has no intentions of fading away any time soon and intends on making a lasting impression in the hip-hop world.

The thought process and expectations in today’s society make a lot of people feel like they don’t belong. Or as if they need to conform to a certain lifestyle or way of thinking to gain any sort of status. I feel like society has been flawed and has never had peoples best interest in mind. Considering myself a member of my own society keeps me focused on doing what I do without worrying about how it may be perceived. It’s about always fighting for the things you want and not letting anybody or thing make you feel like your not doing what you should be.

As opposed to considering the supporters “fans”, I’d like to look at them – at us – as a society. A group of like minded people who fight our own individual fights. The content and the vibe the music creates allows anybody who shares the same mindset to easily connect with J.O. as not just an artist, but as a person. So being a part of the Mairs Society is a little more than just listening to the music. It’s understanding exactly what you need to fight hard enough for what you want. And nobody can tell you what that is but you.


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