Ivy Mairi


Ivy Mairi is a singer who has been involved in the Toronto music community and releasing records for a decade. In 2016 Ivy began working with producer Kieran Adams (DIANA, Vibrant Matter) who she met through a group of musicians and friends who congregated at Toronto’s tiny but mighty venue and gathering place, the Holy Oak (RIP). Over the following year and a half, the pair worked away at a new batch of Ivy’s songs that delve into the realms of pop and electronic minimalism. The result is Ivy Mairi’s forthcoming EP Polarity, which explores the extremes of love, experience, and growing up. This music marks a departure from Ivy’s upbringing on Toronto’s Ward’s Island where she was steeped in its legacy of art and activism. She has previously released three albums as a singer-songwriter, which include collaborations with Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies, and Ivy’s long-time mentor, cellist and singer Anne Bourne. But Ivy has always been a consummate fan of pop music – loving its freedom and lightness, and in many ways seeing it as the most perfect expression of songwriting. Ivy is also known for her extensive work as a backup singer at home and on tour with bands such as Bruce Peninsula, the Weather Station, Rene LaVice, and, most recently, DIANA.


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