Indians are now Indians again, after a short name change to TWIMM and a single release of “Blame” the artist f.k.a Indians is going full circle and will release new music under the alias Indians again. This coincides with the release of the new ELMS EP which takes the music of Søren Juul further into its own unique stratosphere. Indians’ first albums followed by what could be described as a “solo” release, both were released on 4AD. The new EP is a shocking rethinking of the wistful dream indie of those releases.

The songs on ELMS were written as a collaboration between Søren Juul (aka Indians) and the band Lovelier Other from Boulder, Colorado. The music was produced by sonic wiz kid Julius Ace from Denmark.

The songs on the EP revolves around love: Couples breaking up, a feeling of loss and how to face the paradoxes of consequential decisions. They are sad songs about transformation lined with a belief that love will win in the end. They are about choosing between love or fear.

Elms are beautiful majestic trees, sorrowful, somewhere between grey and cloud-colored. They have to grow, to live and follow the seasons. Shed their leaves and grow new ones when the Sun and the Earth are aligned correctly. According to Søren Juul this EP is about being in contact with your natural inner self.

Why the name change?
Originally it was decided together with his label to leave the moniker Indians behind, and try something new, and re-brand him as a new solo artist. Now, knowing that the times are changing and something that didn’t seem “offensive” five years ago can seem wrong-headed today. But after much discussion Søren decided he wanted to go back to using Indians.

Søren says:
After much consideration and going back and forth in my mind, I have decided I needed to go back using my old moniker artist name Indians, and in order to avoid getting an artistic identity crisis, I wanted to go back to that feeling I had when I started making music in the first place. Its been four years since I last released music as Indians, when I contributed to the soundtrack for John Green’s cult novel, “The Fault Are in The Start” with my song Oblivion. I know the world has changed a lot in those four year, so I feel its important to elaborate on choosing the Indians in the first place and hopefully eliminate any confusion. Indians has and never had anything to do with politics, its is and never was based on a groupe of people, and has really nothing to do with Native Americans, people of India or any indigenous people. for me the name or word, represents a human being who simply choses to celebrate natur, spirituality and is connecting with the universe and life forces that are bigger then what meets the eye.

He continues:
I was inspired to use the word Indians after reading a book called ‘The Wind Is My Mother’ (TWIMM) as a teenager, and after the loss of a loved one, I needed guidance and understanding which the book gave. Years later I found that same solitude in writing my own music, so when I had to choose an artist name for releasing my own music, the word Indians was the first thing that came to mind. I wanted to celebrate the bigger and more important things in life. The things we don’t see but can feel through music, I believes my intentions will be clear in the music.

About his new single “Leave,” Søren explains:
Leave is about being trapped in a circle of love, fighting for the good in life, Its a paradox living of the sources of the beauty, of what love can bring. A desire of being close, all along the possibility of drifting in to the unknown land.its a fearfull thought being lonely and a different world.

Leave is a lovesong full of despair. No matter how, love will have its victory.

Indians’ new song “Leave” will be out on TWIMMrec/Speed Of Sound in Scandinavia and TWIMMrec/Mano Walker for the rest of the world August 17th.





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