High Wasted


Toronto music scene stalwarts, Paul Shepherd and Owen Marchildon, have spent the last twenty years writing songs and playing in various different bands. Long time friend Val Calam was invited to join and collaborate. Calam, a celebrated artist/choreographer within the Toronto dance community, was just the lift Shepherd and Marchildon needed to create their new project, High Wasted. Together they blend simple punk tones and exploratory lyrics that push towards a velvet induced frame of mind. The band released their first single back in April of this past year. Micheal Panontin from Canuckistan Music had this to say about the band’s debut single, Germ Free High Fives.

“The Velvet Underground’s groundbreaking debut may have influenced everyone who bought it to start a band. 30,000 copies according to Brian Eno. But it was a later, more obscure release that was the source of inspiration for High Wasted. They were listening to the Live VU recordings. The ones that Robert Quine taped in the late sixties. They have a real rugged quality about them. Germ Free High Fives was recorded live off the floor and certainly captures the energy of those riveting 1969 VU Shows. But the band takes it one step further with an organ that conveys the dizzying intensity of the early Modern Lovers and the brawny bravado vocals of late seventies Iggy Pop.”

With the global pandemic still affecting public health, future plans to play live have been temporarily squashed.




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