The High Loves


If you find yourself in a packed venue, surrounded by music enthusiasts of all types, waiting for The High Loves to take the stage, you will quickly notice a palpable excitement in the crowd. Their mission is simply to perform the music that their passions inspired. Not overproduced and without gimmicks, but raw and genuine. It’s the same tight sound that you will be hearing on their upcoming Serotonin EP. With lyrics inspired by the lifestyle and experiences of lead singer and songwriter Noah Monckton, drummer Mathieu Landry, bassist Matt Bawtinheimer, and lead guitarist Marko Stojanovic, The High Loves showcase their ability to stay true to the music, and to provide an original and memorable experience. Their style is a mix of old and new, both retro and modern. To say a combination of The Beatles and the Strokes might be accurate, but does little justice to the authority of their sound. For us Alt-Rock fans out there who are anxious about the future of the music industry, we’re glad to have a band like The High Loves and we certainly expect big things to come.





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