Gwyn Love x La+ch


GWYN LOVE- Growing up in small-town Oklahoma, Gwyn Love knew they were destined for something bigger.

Now, as the first-ever American artist signed to Vancouver-based 604 Records — they’re ready to take on the world.

Born into a conservative family with eight siblings, Gwyn was introduced to music at a young age; picking up the cello at just 5-years-old and writing her first song at 11.

Over the past decade, her sound has continued to evolve — blending what the artist describes as a punk mentality with an electronic-pop vibe.

“I kind of just like to mesh all different styles together. I have a bluntness with my lyrics that you could find in punk music, but once I heard electronic dance music, that’s when my sound really clicked for me,” they explained. “That’s when I really understood how I wanted my music to sound and feel.”

Drawing mainly from their own life experience, Gwyn maintains they hardly ever at a loss for words when it comes to song writing — musical motivation and vision are always priority one.

As a creative deeply invested in every aspect of their sound, and what they puts out to the musical world, it’s their song writing, they maintain, that makes their music special and different.

LA+CH- La+ch is a multi-platinum producer and composer best known for his work with Coleman Hell. Together, they crafted the genre-defying hit, “2 Heads”, which is currently certified 4 x Platinum in Canada and Gold in the US. Since then, La+ch has produced records for a wide variety of other artists in addition to his continued work with Coleman Hell. His discography includes production credits for electro-pop outfit, Dragonette, Toronto Hip-Hop artist, Shan Vincent de Paul, and rising indie-pop songstress, Emily Rowed.

La+ch also produces and mixes his own solo work, including his critically acclaimed debut album, +, which has amassed over 35 Million streams on Spotify.




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