For nearly two decades Blair Colwell and Skyler Cafferata have been (mostly) living in Saskatchewan, Canada creating music together in numerous formations. Their latest project has spent the last 10 years dragging itself across the country, blasting chaotically joyful punk rock into the precious ears of any soul within arms reach. Their loud-yet-catchy compositions and gregarious, interactive stage presence (often handing instruments to total strangers or instigating food fights, for better or worse) has landed them alongside an array of notable acts (Single Mothers, TEKE:TEKE, Obnox, JOHN, and Shannon & the Clams), in diverse “venues” (an apple orchard, several hot dog shops, suburban basements, secret 3rd floor punk flats) and garnered praise like “can you play something else while the cops are outside?” and “you ruined my night!”

Grimelda has re-birthed as a really really really good band with unhinged rock songs that take art-punk to weird levels of amazing awesomeness. They have set their sights set on global expansion, innovative collaborations, and a live show that is more refined and explosive. Their New Daft Punk EP (2021, Transistor 66) highlighted an era of exploration and genre-blending like the world has never seen! Now they’ve done a double side-step with the upcoming EP “It’s So Feeling When You Rock” (April 2023) – a collection of tracks that embellishes rock ‘n roll tropes as much as it tears them apart with its bare hands. Wow. Just wow. Is this the future of music? Could these two skids from the Canadian prairies be transcending sound? Or is this a regression into dank riffs? Find out by catching this ineffable monster of music in every single town on Earth for the rest of eternity.




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