Good Kid


Toronto-based band ​Good Kid​ is a pack of rambunctious nerds who have been slamming out music in North America and abroad since their inception. Members ​Nick Frosst​ (vocals), Michael Kozakov​ (bass & vocals), ​David Wood​ (guitar & vocals), ​Jacob Tsafatinos​ (guitar) and ​Jon Kereliuk​ (drums) spit fast-paced, feel-good indie rock jams that mix sunny indie beats with puckish intensity and quick-talking lyrics. With their impressive precision and poignant songwriting ​Good Kid​ moves fast, and their light-speed energy has pushed them to the forefront of North America’s indie rock scene.

After the viral success of their debut single “Nomu”, which now has well over 1 million plays on Spotify, ​Good Kid​ pushed forward with a follow-up track “Atlas”, and again with “Witches”. Working with with Juno Award-winning producer and recording engineer ​Crispin Day, ​the band released their self-titled debut album in June 2018. A tight fifteen minute firecracker of an album containing both previously released and unreleased music, every song has the sort of bombastic energy and technical prowess that guarantees crowds get on their feet.

A key feature of Good Kid is that these rowdy geeks’ creative output is not limited to music. Every member is either a programming wizard, Gamemaker, or AI researcher working at the cutting edge of the tech sphere. Their unique skills and DIY attitude have merged with their passion for high energy indie rock to create a uniquely creative identity.

A taste of this tech/art alchemy can be seen in their lyric video ​Witches, ​animated by their artwork creator ​Gabriel Altrows​. It is an example of the vision they have been honing for the project over the past year which will feature content containing animation, video games and more.

Good Kid​ matches the energy found in each song with undeniable live performances and onstage chemistry that sees them bounce off each other like rogue electrons. They’ve garnered praise participating in many North American festivals. Having shared the stage with the likes of Rural Alberta Advantage​, P​each Pit​, ​Screaming Females,​ ​Vista Kicks​, ​Hooded Fang,​ Kasador​ and​ Hollerado, ​they continue to build their reputation as explosive and interactive performers.

Always appreciative towards their fans and looking for fun ways to interact, the ​Good Kid members run the usual gamit of social media platforms in addition to a band ​Discord​ that allows for general chats, updates, and communal Smash Bros tournaments with their fans around the world.

Good Kid ​has impressively executed on creating a polished and ultra-catchy sound with resonance and staying power. With their memorable hooks, exceptional performances, and brilliant lyricism you won’t be able to get them out of your head.





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