Good Fortune


Good Fortune, the brainchild of Toronto songwriter, musician and visual artist Kelsey McNulty, creates a cinematic collage of sound both new and old on her debut self-titled album (out spring 2022).  

With an affection for the ‘60s French pop of Francoise Hardy and Serge Gainsbourg, to space pop revivalists like Broadcast and Air – McNulty delivers her intimate and sultry vocals stylings (in both English and French) over intentional layers of dreamy synth, surf guitar, and an airtight rhythm section. 

Reflecting the recording techniques of her favorite records, McNulty teamed up with Toronto producer Scott McCannell to put her songs to tape: “The sound of tape, especially for a rhythm section is something that is important to me, a lot of the recordings I love and listen to are from the 60s and 70s and that is how those bands recorded, live in a room together, human energy and time fell and I like to think this record has at least a touch of that magic.” They did bed tracks to tape (keys, drums, bass) and transferred to the digital setting to complete the album over the course of 2021. 

A collaborator at heart, McNulty performs with Canadian bands such as Great Lake Swimmers, CARLO and The Boxcar Boys; and has toured extensively, performing in Australia, Europe, UK, Canada and the United States performing with many artists and bands including Begonia, Cat Clyde and Ben Caplan — to name a few. “I have been lucky to spend most of the last 10 years as a side person, playing with some incredible artists and over that time, I have collected bits and pieces, stories, sounds and ideas.  Writing has always been an important aspect of music for me, it was what drew me to music in a more serious way when I was a teenager.  For this project, I took some of the bits that didn’t get used in projects, or ideas I wanted to elaborate on and fleshed them out into songs. I just can’t wait to get them out there.”




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