Ghost Woman


Western Canadian based group Ghost Woman features singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Evan Uschenko, Guitarists Travis Salty & Nick Hay, Bassist Jon Lent and drummer Eli Browning. As multi-instrumentalist for groups like Michael Rault and Leeroy Stagger, touring the world over supporting the likes of King Gizzard, La Luz, Meat Bodies and Los Lobos, Uschenko spawned Ghost Woman in 2016. Retreating to an abandoned farm house in Diamond City, Alberta for 2 months, a self-released self-titled debut album was produced and dubbed directly and strictly to custom made cassette tapes.

Anne, If (Ghost Woman’s sophomore release) is a far cry from 2016’s debut. The songs were written and recorded over a 3 year period and with the maturation of the group now more evident, the record touches on Garage, Krautrock and pure-psychedelia. Self recorded in almost any room that was available, the 11 song album spans a multitude of emotions and a wide-range of sonic pathways.

Ghost Woman has ritualistically timed their releases to fall on the eves of the full-moon. Anne, If, to be released on Oct 31st, 2020 will be no different.




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