Frank Mighty’s Hotline


Frank Mighty grew up on the west coast, among the majestic mountains, towering trees and wandering wildlife. That’s where he made his music and felt most at peace. But eventually, he felt the pull of the big city, a place where limitless opportunities awaited him. Franky packed up his guitar and moved far away from home, into a small downtown apartment, surrounded by dull grey buildings. This environment took a toll on Franky, who wanted to inject everyday life with a splash of colour. Then, one night, alone in his apartment, while fooling around on his computer, Franky got sucked into The Hotline, an infinite internet portal of face-melting psychedelic sounds and unimaginable visual splendour. Amid that kaleidoscopic landscape, he created his latest album, Whispersongs, a collection of hypnotic indie pop tracks that invite listeners to escape reality and join Franky in The Hotline. The album hits streaming services in 2021. Are you coming?




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