Favvkes (pronounced “fox”) is a Toronto-based artist, guitar player and songwriter. Favvkes combines pop-punk guitars with her love of modern pop music to bring you an alternative style reminiscent of artists like Courtney Love and Paramore, while leading the way with charisma and fresh fashion like Gwen Stefani and Grimes.

Favvkes made her mark in 2020 with her debut single and accompanying music video “Black Dove”, which despite being a mid-pandemic release has garnered nearly 90K views on YouTube. You can watch it HERE. She is unapologetically authentic in her music, persona and advocacy for mental health through her lyrics and magnetic stage presence. Favvkes recently played a sold-out show at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto despite wavering lockdown measures. Favvkes’s energetic and fierce persona is always evident in her performances and musicianship; She had the opportunity to showcase this and her guitar skills in Vi’s (67K monthly listeners) music video for her latest single “Dead to You”.

Favvkes just released a remix of her debut single (Black Dove – Remixed by Daniel Adams), and is currently preparing her second single “What You Said” with producer Mike Tompa (Silverstein, Cindë, Deadwinter), set to be released in early May.




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