Favours is a band you will never hear from unless they need something.

Favours plays 80s and 90s influenced dark synth rock combining British new wave with modern dream pop influences. They recorded their single “In the Night” with Josh Korody (Dilly Dally, Weaves) at Candle Recording Studio in Toronto.

Favours features female and male vocals using their lyrical identities to embody the narrative they croon about. Born out of personal rediscovery, Favours sings of the fantasies and realities of adulthood. How fitting that Favours practices in an office space after hours. Their music resonates with newly reckless teens seeking rebellion and looking to go out and make some noise. As well as old young folks staying home on a Friday night reminiscing about reckless times.

There is a youthful spirit in their music that could be from decades of playing music and looking to capture the high of a good song.


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