Fast Friends


I’ve got an idea. 

How about somehow impossibly you are born and then you move across the planet and then you move across the country and then you learn how to play trombone and then you buy a scanner and cut up a bunch of US Weekly and then you finally grow up and then no parents and then too much parents and then you cry yourself to sleep because everything is as it should be/because everything has fallen apart and then cancer and then write songs with people you don’t know and then use other peoples amps at shows and then you finally figure out how to dress yourself and then you care too much about basketball and then divorce and then you stop eating meat and then you eat meatballs with veins showing in them and then emergency surgeries and then emergency phone calls and then finally figure out how to say something that matters to you in a way that other people can hear it. 

Do that. 

Fast Friends is a band that has been putting out music whenever they feel like it starting at the beginning of 2017 and are now very honored and shocked that Dine Alone Records wants to put out their jams. Tom Peyton, El Cerrito/SF Bay Area (Ex-Wallpaper, Ex-Royalty, Pitbull Fireball) Ryan Spraker, Billerica/Boston (Ex-Eli Paperboy Reed, Ex-Dry Hump, last Nickelback single) Frederik Thaae, Copenhagen, Denmark (Ex-A Kid Hereafter, Ex-Aqua yeah that Aqua ok fine he was the MD for a tour) started hanging out in 2015 in Los Angeles, California. All of this happened by accident. Fred, Ryan and Tom liked hanging out but didn’t know why they were hanging out and then they wrote a rock song. Then another one. Then that again until they realized that the only way these songs were going to come out was if they started a band and goddamit here I am writing this dumb bio.

They play shows like they are 16 year olds that know how to play their instruments finally but also are totally over it and would like to jump up on the bar but what if I fall and break my other hip? Tom and Ryan love basketball (Ryan=Celtics and he also plays in some rec leagues. Tom=Warriors and only watching.) Fred being from Denmark cheers the national handball team every Olympics. They find LA to provide the opportunity for a very comfortable lifestyle while also offering engaging cultural happenings but also plenty of room to feel crushingly alone existentially speaking and man it can be pretty filthy. One of the only things they have gotten good at in life is figuring out how to make loud, catchy music that makes people feel uncomfortable. At least I hope it makes you uncomfortable.




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