For Esmé


Poised between light and dark, nouveau and nostalgia—a rare mix of confession and confection—For Esmé is a celebration of life’s double edges. Fronted by Toronto’s Martha Meredith, Dave Thiel, and Nathan Crook, ‘Just Yet’ is the first single from our forthcoming record ‘Sugar’.

‘Sugar’ is an ode to self-discovery, an album for losing yourself to the beat, and for losing your inhibitions. It’s about being raw and asking for realness, being present in the moment, and ultimately, immeasurably open to joy.





BitCandy Music Filter features For Esmé.

“some serious magic with their dynamic soundscapes and stand-out lyrics that make them a must-listen for fans of bands like Metric, Chvrches, or ground-breaking artists like Robyn.”


Ride the Tempo picks For Esmé as a band to watch this Canadian Music Week on Do416!


For Esmé tonight at House of TARG, Fog Lake tomorrow at Pressed! CBC Ottawa knows what’s good this weekend.


PREMIERE: Watch the complete For Esmé cable show “Midnight Broadcast” exclusively at Chart Attack!


Sidewalk Hustle shares new For Esmé video!

Read full piece below!


For Esmé getting a share on the notoriously amazing yvynyl !


This week at Alan Cross Official both HILL and For Esmé are featured!


A really well written rave review on Novella Magazine for For Esmé’s latest video!

The devil’s in the details. The 80s are in that sequin-sparkle dress. And the video for “Make a Sound” is just as radiant as the song itself.  


This retro late night television themed video from For Esmé today for “Make a Sound” up on Northern Transmissions!

  They’ve teamed up with the creatives that brought you WayHome Music & Arts for the video. Check it out!


Head to Bucket Full of Nails to watch new For Esmé video.

  “Toronto’s For Esmé throw it back to the days of pastel suits with a VHS-worthy video sendup for the band’s single.”


Take a trip back to late night TV with the new For Esmé. Find it on Canadian Beats.


Watch the awesome new video from For Esmé at CONFRONT Magazine

“Think the weird, strange and ultimately awesome vibes of late night television in 1979”  


Watch the new For Esmé video for “Make A Sound” at Silent Shout!

“Directed by Spencer Cathcart, it’s a deadpan stylistic homage to 1980s disco chic, pitch-perfect down to the last detail. That bass guitar!”  


Watch the new For Esmé video at The Daily Listening!


Noisey has the premiere for For Esme’s new “Make a Sound” video!

For Esmé “recreate the nostalgic feeling of a glitchy VHS 80s disco-dream” in their new video for “Make A Sound”.


Ride the Tempo has a fantastic list of the best Canadian albums of 2015. At #4 is For Esmé’s “Sugar”.

Happy 2016 Everyone! Let’s go back in time…one last time.


Indie Shuffle names For Esmé’s “You” one of the best female vocalist tracks of 2015!


Pet Sun, For Esmé, Programm, The Dirty Nil, Spells Of Vertigo, Twin Within, and The Holy Gasp make Do416’s best songs list.

So much goodness.


Ride the Tempo reviews the new LP from For Esmé!

“Much like CHVRCHES, the group deals with electronic dance beats but hone their talent singing lines of female empowerment, tackling subjects like self-esteem and independence with a tact and subtlety that doesn’t feel like it’s being hammered in the head. It’s good on For Esmé because they are the evolution of Metric.”  


New review of For Esmé’s record “Sugar” at Bucketlist Music Reviews!

“Like the textures of Purity Ring? And the energy of The Prodigy? For Esmé has created an album, Sugar, that will surely propel them to the forefront of today’s alternative chill/pop playlist.”  


Head to Fingers on Blast for the latest For Esmé single “Make A Sound”.

New album “Sugar” out now!


The new album from For Esmé receives 4.5/5 stars from CONFRONT Magazine.

“Sugar” is out now!


The new For Esmé album is out today!

Read Canadian Beats glowing review below.


New For Esmé album getting some praise from Grayowl Point!

“Sugar gives fans of modern electronic pop a lot to like. With its focused, literate and unironically committed approach to the genre’s soundscape, It’s as grounded and solid a record as anything that has come out this year from bands who have already graduated to headliner status.” – Grayowl Point


The For Esmé album ‘Sugar’ is exclusively streaming today at Chart Attack!

LP out next Friday!


Catch up with For Esmé on Quick Before It Melts!

Exciting times as the new For Esmé record is out next Friday the 16th!


Find out every scandalous detail about For Esmé’s “Make A Sound” at Grayowl Point (via Tiana from Ride the Tempo)!

‘Behind The Hoots’ sounds like it’s scandalous, so…..


New Best of September playlist from Indie Music Filter features songs fromThe Elwins, For Esmé, and TIO.



For Esmé and Rebecca Everett are part of the Weekend Showcase at The Revue!


New For Esmé single reviewed at Bucket Full of Nails.

“Sugar” out October 16th.


Listen to For Esmé’s “Make A Sound” on ilovepie!

this morning…or even this afternoon!


“Make A Sound” is Live in Limbo’s Song of the Day!

Watch for For Esmé‘s new album “Sugar” out October 16th!


For Esmé’s new tune “Make A Sound highlighted by Bands of Tomorrow!


Hear the new For Esmé single “Make A Sound” at Ride the Tempo.

New LP “Sugar” out October 16th!


Hear the new For Esmé single “Make A Sound” on The Daily Listening.


High praise for For Esmé from Michael Marotta at Vanyaland.

“Toronto electronic pop trio For Esmé are one of Canada’s best kept secrets. That should change soon.”


Indie Shuffle has the premiere of the new For Esmé single. Listen to “Make A Sound” now!


For Esmé interviewed post WayHome Music & Arts Festival.

For Esmé played WayHome Music & Arts last weekend and A Music Blog, Yea? was there to sit down with the band for a video interview.


Find out about all For Esmé’s secrets at KALTBLUT Magazine!


For Esmé’s NXNE performance captured by Aesthetic Magazine!

For Esmé owned NXNE last night. Aesthetic Magazine Toronto was there to capture the band.


For Esmé premiere’s their new live video for “You” at Exclaim!

For Esmé premiere’s their new live video for “You” at Exclaim! today. Watch at the link!


Toronto Is Awesome gets to For Esmé to open up about everything!

Toronto Is Awesome gets to For Esmé to open up about everything! Everything includes their new album, new video, and the process of making music.


New things from Pet Sun, Delta Will, For Esmé featured on Grayowl Point’s Audio/Visual hoots!


For Esmé, Pet Sun, Delta Will & MUNE all featured in the June edition of Bands Spotted via Novella Magazine!


Wolfwizard Radio Best of May features MUNE, For Esmé, and Pet Sun!


Stellar playlist from Silent Shout. This month they feature both For Esmé and TIO!


A great interview with For Esmé at GroundSounds!

A great interview with For Esmé at GroundSounds. Find out about the inspiration for new single “You”, their forthcoming album “Sugar”, and every secret imaginable!


Silent Shout and For Esmé, two great things.

Silent Shout is “feeling seriously inspired to put on a skinny tie or bright lipstick and have a flashlight dance party.” This is what For Esmé does to people. They warp time.


Novella Magazine running a feature on the new For Esmé single!

The great people at Novella Magazine have run a feature on the new For Esmé single. You’ll want to listen to “You” right away.


Indietronica has the new For Esmé video, watch it!

Watch the new For Esmé video at Indietronica on this Monday, that feels like a Sunday night.


B3SCI tells you about the latest For Esmé track, just in time for the weekend!

Kick start your weekend at Blahblahblahscience with For Esmé’s new single “You”.


Site of Sound features For Esmé’s latest single “You”

Site Of Sound also wants you to know that there is no escape from For Esmé. We may be putting words in their mouth, but they do want/need you to check out “You”. And don’t believe the link. It can be found!


Both For Esmé and WindfallFound are in The Revue’s weekend showcase!

Filled to the brim with great cuts!


For Esmé featured on Getintothis!

“Hidden behind a veneer of straight-up pop, frontwoman Martha Meredith‘s vocals are fresh and immediate, yet are backed with undeniable groove by seductive weaves of layered synth and hypnotic hits of sampled voice.”  


Watch the new For Esmé video at GroundSounds this morning

…or maybe this afternoon ?!? Maybe?


The always awesome Indie Music Filter gives you a glimpse of what to expect with For Esmé’s new record “Sugar”.

 Watch the video at the link below.


Quick Before It Melts has the details on both the new For Esmé track, but also insight into the glorious album art.

“You” is deadly sweet treat that by rights should go supernova this summer.”  


Today Clash premieres the new For Esmé video for “You”!

“It’s a bold return, with the production amped up into proto-techno levels…Glistening minimal wave inspired pop”  


The new For Esmé single is out now! Ride the Tempo let’s you know that your mother won’t mind you playing it on Mothers Day.

They don’t lie!


For Esmé released their new single yesterday and Canadian Beats has all the details.


So incredibly exited to have Indie Shuffle premiere the new For Esmé single!

They also named it their “song of the day”! Listen to “You” now!