Emma Hewson


Emma Hewson is a Toronto-based artist making feminist, jazz-inspired electro-pop music for sassy, yet sensitive listeners.

Passionate about intersectional feminism and human behaviour, Emma is an accomplished pianist, singer, teacher, and interdisciplinary artist. Her vocal style is reminiscent of R&B and hip hop artists like Erykah Badu and Doja Cat, while injecting a generous dose of timeless soul that makes her intricate songs reminiscent of Norah Jones’ beloved classics.

A native of Guelph, Ontario, Hewson studied jazz vocal and free improvisation at Toronto’s York University before moving on to develop her freelance career. In 2014 she officially launched her artist project with the release of her debut EP EMMA, a poignant collection of stripped down acoustic songs that she wrote between the ages of 18 and 23, through which she explored the inner workings of relationships and mental health. About the EP, Hewson says, “I learned so much about the recording process and what it takes to put together an entire EP on your own. I’m really proud of it and it also feels like a very different, long ago chapter of my life.”

Though in the past Hewson focused on live performance, playing in a variety of bands including Elevator, Vallens and Shrinehouse, she has taken the past year as an opportunity to work on recording and releasing new music. “Most of my previous gigs have been focused on playing live – I would write a song on the piano or for a band and then play it for an audience. And although NOTHING can replace live music,” she says, “the pandemic has given me an opportunity to dive more into electronic music making, which allows me to finally make music that I really enjoy listening to, not just performing.”

Emma recently posed in “Love Your Body,” an annual body positivity campaign by NOW Magazine in which a half a dozen models opened up about their relationships to their unique body experiences. Her next single “Mismatched,” which explores more body-positive themes, is set for release in April 2021.




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