Elizabeth Leslie


Elizabeth Leslie (she/they) is a queer, non-binary composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer from small town Nova Scotia. In 2008, she moved to Montréal after dropping out of architecture school in Vancouver. There she joined several Indie Rock bands as a bassist, guitarist, and drummer, and fronted an electro-pop group with French electro duo, françoise. Shortly thereafter, she started working as Chromeo’s assistant where she learned about vintage synths, the seedy music industry, drum programming, and life on tour. Since then, she has decided to go solo as an electronic producer. She’s a huge lover of remixes and dance music, which is why 2 out of her 3 EPs are Remix EPs. As a former production manager and editor on blockbuster and Oscar-nominated films, she also shoots, edits, and directs all of her music videos. Currently she is working on new music with a full length album on the horizon.




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