earth2zoe is a Canadian indie pop artist who is both charming and disarming – with her incredibly distinct voice, memorable lyrics, and hard-won confidence. Her sound is a cool mix of pop and melodic, soulful restlessness. She has an insane tone with a great vibe and a beat that’s all her own. Her voice is rich, unique and honest. Born and raised in a suburb north of Toronto, Canada, earth2zoe was born Zoe Katzberg. Her first name originates from the Greek word for “life,” and that’s exactly what she is – edgy, quirky, fun, and full of life.

earth2zoe will intrigue you with her mesmerizing vocals and honest, soulful lyrics. She writes songs that reveal painful truths about love, loss, and loyalty. earth2zoe’s restless, youthful insights will remind you to find a place where you belong – because life is hard, and you do not need to struggle alone.




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