E-Prime is an electro-pop project that emerged out of the pandemic with a hopeful longing for fresher air and greener pastures.

Self-produced by siblings Jaclyn & Trevor Blumas with a conscious commitment towards making unabashedly feel-good music against the emotional backdrop of all the grief, loss, hate and conflict that presented itself over the past year. With this in mind, E-Prime deploys nostalgia as a glossy lens through which to find beauty in the present moment, rather than look backwards with a romantic idealism.

’80s style LinnDrums and ’90s-influenced basslines put them in the centre of a Mr Fingers, Arthur Russell, and Blood Orange triangle, with melodies and chord patterns that could be housed on a “Best Of 90s R&B” compilation. Patrick Holland (Project Pablo) and Jeremy Greenspan (Jessy Lanza/Junior Boys) lent their mixing expertise to the tracks, helping to give E-Prime’s home recordings a distinctive polished studio sound.




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