Distant Matter


Imagine the sultry electronic synth sound of Flume crossed with the clever lyricism of Daft Punk-style songwriting, produced with the pop appeal of Coldplay and the throwback vibe of Green Day in mind. It’s the nostalgic summer soundtrack you hear when you think of a group of twenty-somethings piling into the car at sunset, just wanting to go for a drive. Meet Distant Matter – the architect of that sound.

Born Alex Swartz-Seligman, the 20-year-old Toronto-based artist is a multi-instrument musician trained in piano, guitar, drums, bass, harmonica, and talk-box. Growing up, Alex learned to channel his energy into music as a creative outlet. He began producing music at age 17 and has played piano since he was 8 years old. Growing up Alex was obsessed with Green Day and Billy Talent, and learned to play guitar over his love for these bands. Previous to releasing any single Distant Matter has already gained the attention and accolades of Flume and other established artists.




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