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Delta Will is a genre-bending band from Toronto, Canada. Their eclectic songs explore many facets of the human condition, navigating between serene contemplative moments, and massive psychedelic explosions of sound. Charles Tilden founded Delta Will as a bedroom project, releasing the Transcendental Visits EP in 2012, and the It All Glows EP in 2013. Now a four-piece band, rounded out by drummer Kevin Correia, and multi-instrumentalists Brandon Johns and Milan Schramek, they have found their voice by combining warm, organic sounds of the past with swirling electronic flourishes to create an engaging po­rtrait of the now.

2016 saw the release of Delta Will’s first full-length, Weathering. Recorded with veteran indie-rock producer Chris Stringer, Weathering is a testament to the project’s steady evolution, and to Tilden’s maturation as a songwriter.

After touring Weathering throughout 2016, Delta Will spent 2017 collaborating with engineer and mentor Sandro Perri to develop a new 3-part release titled Multitudes (I,II & III), slated for release throughout 2018. Multitudes I is a continuation of the band’s psych-pop and soul influences, while Multitudes II will show a more subdued chamber folk side to the band, recorded with guest orchestral musicians including Jaron Freeman-Fox and Virginia Frigault-MacDonald. Multitudes III is an electro-pop record, featuring both tuneful and experimental tracks Tilden has been honing at this home studio.

Multitudes I is the first in a series of three EP’s we’ll be releasing over the next year. Delta Will has always had a somewhat eclectic sound, inspired by a wide range of music and this project was the perfect excuse to write songs that drill a little deeper into some genres we’ve always flirted with.

Whereas Multitudes I features guitar-driven psych-pop songs, Multitudes II is much folkier and was recorded with a chamber orchestra. Finally, Multitudes III will show yet another side of Delta Will with more electronic & experimental material.

The project takes its title from a Walt Whitman quote: “Very well then I contradict myself; (I am large, I contain multitudes.) Next time you find yourself doing something unusual or contradictory that surprises other people or yourself, remember that you contain multitudes. Sometimes that contradiction is a sign of progress.”





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