Debra-Jean Creelman


Debra-Jean Creelman is a Vancouver based singer-songwriter best known for her expansive, emotive voice and neo-soul influenced compositions. Getting her start with pop auteurs Mother Mother in the early aughts, Creelman has built a career defined by precision, polish, and otherworldly vocal performances that have neatly sculpted the landscapes of pop, jazz, and soul.

This summer, Creelman unveils her fourth solo album, Ego Death, a fusion of jazz, soul and blues that lives up to its name by showcasing a supergroup-like ensemble of producers and musicians. Produced and mixed primarily by Jo Hirabiyashi (Jo Passed), experimental trumpeter JP Carter, and multi-instrumentalist Sean Cronin are also featured behind the board.

Former Mother Mother cohorts, Molly and Ryan Guldemond, as well as Jasmin Parkin make appearances. The deep backbone of groove comes compliments of John Raham on drums (Frazey Ford, Be Good Tanyas) and James Meger on bass (Sumner Brothers). Luminary producer Dave Genn worked closely with Creelman on vocal production.

While Creelman and co. have a watchmaker’s attention to detail, Ego Death never comes across as too technical. Creelman’s songwriting evokes a sense of depth, a fitting reflection of its thematic core: the profound loss of her mother and the delicate terrain of mental health crises.

Ego Death is a testament to Debra Jean Creelman’s artistry and resilience. As she continues to captivate audiences with her soul-stirring music, she will surely inspire listeners to embrace their own narratives around growth and change.




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