Dawson Gamble


Dawson Gamble’s passion for music began early. His father’s love of Blues and Classic Rock integrated with the growing culture of Hip Hop and RnB intensified his interest in music. By picking up his dad’s 1979 Fender Strat guitar, he found his own love of soft Blues and Ballad rock which was further influenced by Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and Ed Sheeran. His love for guitar playing and instrumentation led him to explore songwriting where he further discovered his passion for musicality and zest of flowing lyrics.

His artistry has placed him in rooms with some incredible Songwriters and Artists such as Geoff Warburton, Tyler Shaw, and Victoria Duffield. Dawson’s innate musicality landed him on Boots & Hearts main stage playing banjo for country artist Justin Tyler, and on Hamilton’s live news television with his late band, The Chase. The Chase generated over 1 million streams on Spotify over 2019. Currently, Dawson is working on his upcoming solo project titled “What You Don’t Know.”





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Dawson Gamble Releases New Single ‘Get Myself Over You’ via Waveland

According to Facebook status data there are currently lots of breakups happening as we navigate through summer of 2020. But don’t fret, Dawson Gamble has released a new single called ‘Get Myself Over You’ that might be just what you need to move on in a up-ity way.


Listen to Dawson Gamble’s “Get Myself Over You” on HipHopRelevant

Toronto artist Dawson Gamble drops this new track titled “Get Myself Over You”, give it a listen above.