Dave Gunning


With a career spanning two decades, Dave Gunning has gained a reputation for being a great storyteller and engaging performer who has the profound ability to take listeners on a musical journey through his songs. Much of his material is about the underdogs, heroes, family, the heart, and reflects the messaging of social justice and caring about the world around us.

Dave has toured extensively across Canada and abroad and has earned multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards, a Juno nomination, and ten East Coast Music Awards for his well-crafted work. His new album, The Same Storm, offers twelve original compositions reflective of life on the east coast.

“Leading up to the pandemic, I was doing a lot of writing but then stopped when the world came to a halt. With the sudden loss of work that so many of us experienced, my survival instincts kicked in and the focus shifted to my family and on how we were going to get through this thing. We made some adjustments and settled into a new normal.

Once I knew that we were going to be okay, I turned back to writing. It was suddenly quiet, which gave me the time to finish songs that were started years ago and to write some new ones. This recording will always bring me back to the highs and lows of what we all weathered together.

Thank you for your support.” – Dave




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