Dani Le Rose


Growing up in a small town in Alberta, Canada, Dani spent her younger years studying various styles of dance and was classically trained in both voice and piano. She began writing her own music at the age of 9 and was performing at talent shows at 12. By the time she was 18, “DANI”, which derives from her full name Danielle, was writing songs with the help of her self-taught guitar skills. Realizing that her home province of Alberta could no longer elevate her path in the music industry, Dani relocated and made the move out to Toronto to further pursue her path as a professional musician.

Once she landed in Toronto, Dani spent as much time as possible in the recording studio developing on her sound, working with anyone and everyone she could to build on her connections to craft and mould into her unique sound and style. Her dedication and constant “move-forward” work ethic ended up landing her profound performances, including opening and performing alongside artists Elle King, Zella Day, Matthew Good, Divine Brown, and USS.


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