Crooked Spies


If Crooked Spies are driven by loud guitars and a thundering chorus, it is their raucous and inclusive, sweat soaked, still broke, live show that serves as the fuel.

Hailing from the heart of the new west, Calgary, AB, the emerging garage influenced four-piece utilizes and draws inspiration from all that the rock genre has to offer. Fronted by brothers Dylan (Lead vocals, Guitar) and Steven Evanik (Lead guitar, Vocals) there is a certain allure to the sibling’s enthralling live demeanor. Encompassing a youthful and unabashed confidence, their most recent release High Plains has been described by Mike Bell (theYYSCENE) as “a gnarly, almost belligerently cool slab of stoner rock, muscled-up pop-punk and ’90s mostly metal…” with Dylan’s vocals characterized as a “guttural, man sized howl.”

“We feel the album is a good representation of our live shows and a cohesive enough piece of work that it reflects what we are as a band,” says Dylan. “It incorporates all these influences we had when growing up, so it’s diverse from song to song. But that’s what we’re about. We’ll play anything that we like.” Rounding out the line up is the exceptionally hard hitting rhythm section comprised of Aaron Samson (Bass) and Mark Lawlor (Drums). Bred on a heavy dose of blues their heart equally lies in the world of garage rock and punk. “We grew up on everything”, Steven says. “Punk o Rama 8 was definitely a defining album for my brother and I growing up. When I heard Thickfreakness on that album, it blew my mind. I’d like to think our sound encompasses aspects of hard blues but at the end of the day we are just a rock n’ roll band that draws from our love of grunge, garage and punk.”

BeatRoute’s (AB) depiction of the group follows their personal characterization closely, describing the sound as “Powered by the classic elements of rock n’ roll with heavy, melodic beats and dark, brooding vocals; it’s the bluesy backbone throughout their music that keeps their sound complimentary regardless of the eclectic twists their style takes.”

With a dedicated fan-base at home, it is their raucous and inclusive live show that is hard to deny, having provided the group with such opportunities as supporting Danko Jones and Grandson. Currently in studio working on new material, the group is set to release two new singles. It is unclear when the next full length will come to light but in the meantime we can expect to see Crooked Spies throughout western Canada this spring.




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