Crazy Bones


We started out in college with intentions of getting drunk and playing house shows. When we did we were always vibing on energy more than performance. We really loved the Ramones and the Cramps and just wanted to play basic 4 chord garage. Eventually we all ended up in Toronto, where our sound changed and we became more focused on the performance. The energy is still there but the sound is more refined. Influenced heavily by late 60’s and 70’s Rock (prog rock, Psychedelic, whatever…). We don’t want to stick to genres really, if we’re writing something that is Zeppelin inspired we’re not going to toss out a Jesus and Mary Chain kind of song if it sounds great. Our songs, generally speaking, are about death, life, paranoia, other worldly beings, and nature. We hope our live shows knock people’s brains around a bit. We strive to make our fuzzy sound an ethereal experience….





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