Colour Film


Music for your mind’s eye. With songs that play like home movies rich in imagery and characters, Colour Film is the stage name of Hamilton, ON’s Matthew de Zoete. The moniker embodies his idea of songs as little films, where a combination of characters, stories, and emotions create a visual element in the listener’s mind. His latest release Super 8 blends pop and folk to set six of these cinematic songs in an atmospheric soundscape conjured with producer Les Cooper (Jill Barber, Good Lovelies). Imagine Nick Drake cheering up a bit and meeting Beck.

Since 2006, de Zoete (pronounced “duh-ZOO-tuh”) has released four previous albums under his own name and toured throughout North America and Europe. He has shared the stage with acts such as Serena Ryder, Great Lake Swimmers, and Whitehorse, and he’s performed at festivals including North by Northeast, Canadian Music Week, JUNOfest, and Stukafest (Netherlands).

First three albums were released under name Matthew de Zoete: “Across the Sea” in 2006, “Bottom of the World” in 2008, and “Colour Film” in 2012. The name and idea of Colour Film (based on a song about seeing old home movies of my grandparents) really stuck with me, so I started playing under that name when I released EP “Super 8” in 2016.

Lots of touring throughout North America and Europe since 2006.

“Open Road” was produced by Les Cooper and recorded in Toronto. Les also produced albums “Colour Film” and “Super 8”. Caroline Brooks of Good Lovelies joins on harmonies to make it a duet. I’ve always loved her voice, and I thought it would really suit the sound and feel of this song. She was up for pedalling me around in the video as well. Video was directed, shot, and edited by Nathan Fleet, a film maker who also runs the Hamilton Film Festival.

I live on my wife’s flower farm just outside Hamilton. In the spring, summer, and fall, I spend a fair bit of time helping her out on the farm. Sometimes, a few hours on the tractor provides a good chance for thoughts to bounce around your head and grow into song ideas.





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