CNFMUS (C-INFAMOUS)  is a Chinese-Canadian music facilitator based in Vancouver. Life blessed him with the ability to sustain his life through music, and the opportunity to collaborate and work with some of the greatest names in R&B and hip-hop.

From 2013-2019, he moved to Hong Kong to produce and A&R for some of the top rap acts in Asia and North America alike. There, he achieved so many things he never envisioned: producing and bridging collaborations with his peers and heroes, touring China extensively (even performing at the PNE!) and starting a successful clothing brand/creative collective with popups in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

But CNFMUS never really felt like he accomplished what he set out to do when he moved to Hong Kong. So he began creating music, with the intention of collaborating with those who have influenced him.




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