Claude Munson


Ottawa’s Claude Munson writes uninhibited impressionist-folk.
Whether drenched in crystalline synths or stripped bare, Munson’s songs tackle modern life and love with radical intimacy. His soaring, gritty tenor paints vivid pictures of hard promises and ecstatic joys: atmospheric narratives that unfold, Rorschach-like.
His 2012 debut, “and the Storm Outside”, announced the arrival of a preternaturally confident new voice in Ottawa’s underground. Word spread quickly earning him a loyal following, as well as regional tours, and notable showcases at Canadian Music Week, Megaphono, and Arboretum Festival.
In 2018, Munson will release “The Silence Came After” on Ottawa’s Record Centre Records, his second and most fully realized album to date. Produced by Scattered Clouds’ Philippe Charbonneau and engineered by Sebastien Perry, the album is equal parts lush and spare, marrying the naked soul of 70’s era Neil Young, with Talk Talk’s spacious expressionism, and Krautrock’s motoric rhythms.

Performed by Munson with members of Little Scream, Scattered Clouds, Bosveld, and FET.NAT, “The Silence Came After” cements Munson’s place among Ottawa’s most notable songwriters of the last two decades.





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