Claire Ridgely


Hey! My name is Claire Ridgely. I was born in Seattle, raised in Switzerland, went to school in Virginia and now I make music in Montreal. I made a splash with my latest release called “California” and I’m trying to keep this wave going!

I’ve accumulated over 30 million streams on Spotify as a featured artist. I’m in the middle of filming a live version of “‘Til the Morning,” my latest single, that I can’t wait to share with y’all! It’s been exciting playing my songs live with a four-piece band.

“‘Til the Morning” was produced by my friends Pops & Poolboy. I recorded this song in the middle of summer in my Verdun apartment. There was an ease to recording this tune and we ended up keeping the very first take. I remember my friend Simone came over after the session and we sat on my balcony in the sunshine listening to Poolboy mix the tune through an open window.

My plans for the next year are to grow and become more and more visible by consistently putting out content and connecting with fans.





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