Chemical Dreams


Chemical Dreams was started by Martha Johnson of Martha and the Muffins as a creative outlet for her and her partner Mark Gane as well as “other artistic people we know and those we haven’t met yet.” The idea for the producer/songwriters was to have a place where anything goes. One minute it could be a tribute to David Bowie and the next you might be hearing a rhythm that Grace Jones would be happy to hula-hoop to all night long. The project is as unpredictable as your dreams will be tonight. There is no set theme or style. And like dreams, a song sometimes comes out of the blue from somewhere beyond their imagination.

A while back, Johnson was having trouble sleeping so she decided that, instead of wasting the night away staring at the ceiling, she’d get up and write songs. Several nocturnal explorations later, she came up with this new entity called Chemical Dreams. Johnson and Gane agree that “…the music should speak for itself. We don’t want the past to define the music of Chemical Dreams. Chemical Dreams is what it becomes.” Their new single, “Look To The Moon,” is a collaboration with John Orpheus and is described as a “pan-cultural summer driving song.”




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