Born and raised in the Malvern section of Toronto, Canada, Booggz is Toronto’s next up and coming Hip Hop teen sensation. Coming of age in the first decade of the millennium, Booggz credits his influential inspirations to Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and local “hood” celebrities from around his neighborhood.

Booggz began his rap career at the age of 12 after watching how the neighborhood respects, admires and loves their local “rock stars”. Realizing he has a natural born talent for writing, composing songs and a passion for Hip Hop, Booggz began telling his life story through his music. Five years later in 2012, Booggz released his first track titled “Line Me” featuring Buck & Young Sav, members of his group GMG. To date Booggz video has over 2 million views total, creating an instant buzz around Toronto. Booggz plans on dropping single after single on iTunes, Spotify and other music services until the hype builds an enormous momentum.





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