Bon Villan


Bon Villan is a three piece electro pop band from Toronto.

The band’s three members, multi-instrumentalist/Vocalist Jared Parker, and multi-instrumentalists Julian Powell and Alex Hanes are all seasoned members of the Toronto music scene. The three have been gigging and writing music for years under various titles including Edgewater Hotel and Wide Eyed Tour Guide.  Collaboration between the three began back in the spring of 2016 and the project has been picking up steam since.

For the better part of last summer, Bon Villan spent it’s time writing and recording their first set of songs, including their premier single “Outta Cash”.  With the help of producers Jordan Circosta and Zach Zanardo of Ginger Ale and the Monowhales, and mix engineer Phil Spencer of Union Sound, this single was honed and molded into a banging anthem for the modern listener.  Based on the single’s strengths, Factor recognized the band’s potential and awarded them the “Artist Development Grant” in march.

Focus for Bon Villan has now shifted towards assembling their live show, which includes Ableton live manipulation, multi-instrumental performances, and a programed light show.  With everything they have going for them, Bon Villan is set to make a splash with their debut performance and the release of their first single.





New tracks from Bon Villan, Blimp Rock, GOOD KID, Harrison Storm, GREY \\ WATER, & Jon and Roy are part of the new singles roundup at Independent Clauses!


The debut single from Bon Villan premiered at Northern Transmissions today!