Blinker The Star


Blinker the Star began as a lo-fi, one-man studio band (Jordon Zadorozny) turned slightly left of centre rock 3 piece, releasing two albums on A&M Records (“Blinker the Star” in 1995, “A Bourgeois Kitten” in 1996) and touring steadily for 3 years. In 1997, Zadorozny relocated from Montreal to Los Angeles to work with Courtney Love, helping craft songs for Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” album. Making Los Angeles his home, Jordon began soaking up new influences all the while becoming progressively more fascinated with the production side of making music.

Signing with Dreamworks in 1999, the band, now featuring Zadorozny, former Failure drummer Kellii Scott, longtime bassist Pete Frolander and a broad cast of Southern California studio talent, recorded and released “August Everywhere” to warm critical reception, touring North America and touring with Our Lady Peace, Sloan, Failure and the Flaming Lips.

Returning to his native Pembroke, Ontario in 2002, Jordon built his first commercial recording studio and began work with Sam Roberts, producing and drumming on his breakthrough debut EP “The Inhuman Condition” as well as recording projects with Melissa Auf Der Maur, Chris Cornell, Linsdsey Buckingham, and others.

With ex-Failure drummer Kellii Scott in Pembroke over the winter months of 2003, Blinker the Star, now a recording duo, recorded the “Still In Rome” LP. Following a brief tour, Zadorozny settled into studio life and on collaborative projects such as Digital Noise Academy, SheLoom, Abbey, and The Angry Moon. Production work for a broad array of artists kept the studio and Jordon busy for the time.

Returning in 2012, again as a single person studio unit, the “We Draw Lines” LP was released, followed quickly with another full length in 2013 titled “Songs From Laniakea Beach”. A stand alone single, “Future Fires” arrived shortly after and the 5 song EP “11235” appeared in the fall of 2015. The latest release, “8 Of Hearts” followed in 2017.




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