Blandlord is the next step in our musical evolution from the great machine, our vehicle for the past 8 years. After searching for a new name for a good year and a half, it came about in a appropriately funny way – while recording new tunes not so long ago, we needed a name for the protools session. Greg had been looking for a new apartment and complaining about dealing with landlords. Jon, trying to make light of the situation uttered “Landlord? More like Blandlord”, To which we all chuckled. Then after a few days we couldn’t stop thinking about the name. Equal parts stupid and interesting. A good fit!

A lot of our material is a commentary on the state of affairs we are living in, a tongue in cheek view of what’s going around us. Rather than provide people solutions or answers to the problems faced in these modern times we prefer to provide a soundtrack or a chance to think on those dilemmas.

It has given us boost of morale, the ability to start fresh, a blank canvas to break free of the great machine, and pass the torch to the new project. Blandlord allowed us to get heavier and louder and not have to worry about the preconceived notions and restraints of the past project.

The irony of Blandlord is that we work completely as a democracy, everyone has a veto in every part of the band. No single one of us is the direct overlord and it allows a real camaraderie amongst us. The old Three musketeers approach.

While working towards this new project we allowed some collaboration with some other artists, and found that it just wouldn’t jive, it’s hard to allow another voice to join an already cohesive unit.
But what we have arrived at is the affirmation that Blandlord is completely us. loud, ferocious, and totally goofs underneath that rough exterior.




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