Big Lonely


Big Lonely is a testament to the resilience of friendship and hardship, with a tendency to transform open sores into hard-hitting indie-rock, and a consistently honest edge. Close friends navigating the distance and complexity of growth. With two releases under their belt since forming in 2012, Big Lonely has another full-length album up their sleeve. Draw the curtains, Bad Magic.

Big Lonely’s Bad Magic was conjured up in the dark corners of a pessimistic cavern, where optimistic light leaks through tiny cracks. A journey through the cavern in search of a crack large enough to squeeze through and bathe in the full light of positivity. Every step is uncertain, yet hopeful. And while that large crack is never fully discovered – your eyes adjust to the darkness enough for you to see clearly. Light and dark in tandem.

“Ticket” is about using someone’s belief in you as the fuel to do the things that you wouldn’t have the courage to do otherwise. Eventually that fuel runs out – while it’s helped you get to where you are, you now believe in yourself enough to go a little further. There are stops along the way if you run out of gas.

About 10 years ago I showed my very amateur demos to my good friend T.J. Bowman, and he loved them so much that we started a very amateur band. Without his enthusiasm, I may have given up a long time ago. Instead we continued playing music together for the next 7 years. Though T.J. left Big Lonely about 3 years ago, he still plays a part of every note we sound.





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