Bianca Lily


In a sleepy Toronto room filled with the colorful chaos of Lego bricks, a young Bianca Lily discovered her first love. The hum of Disney melodies played in the background, intertwining with the sound of her father’s eclectic music collection. It was here, amidst the tactile joy of creating intricate Lego designs, that Bianca’s fascination with music took root. The same meticulous attention to detail that allowed her to build elaborate Lego structures began to shape her approach to songwriting. With each melody and lyric, she pieced together a world that was uniquely her own, a world where every note and chord was a crucial part of the puzzle.

Bianca’s journey into music was both organic and deeply personal. She began crafting songs at home, their melodies evolving through experimentation on the piano. Recording these creations was a natural next step, transforming their home into a foundation for professional studio sessions. In the studio, Bianca’s youthful innocence met seasoned expertise, fostering an environment ripe for innovation and discovery. Her music, a blend of boundary-expanding hyper-pop, offers listeners a vibrant mix of beats and melodies that challenge conventional pop norms. Each song, a testament to her resilience and creativity, encapsulates themes of frustration, overcoming obstacles, and dreaming of better days.

Central to Bianca’s debut album is the track “Too Much,” which captures her journey through the fragility of friendships and the pain of betrayal. The title, a poignant callback to her childhood, now serves as a declaration of strength and self-assertion. Recording this track was a transformative experience, blending personal narrative with cultural commentary. Her favorite lyric, “Look in the mirror, you’ll see right through. Nothing there, only you,” reflects a maturity and depth that belie her age.

Through her music, Bianca aspires to inspire other young listeners, offering a musical outlet for emotions and experiences that might otherwise remain unspoken. As she continues to pour her heart into every note, Bianca’s message is clear: if she can transcend the ordinary and create something extraordinary, so can you.




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