Bear With Me


Copenhagen-based multiintstumentalist Thorbjørn Kaas is the creative soul of Bear With Me, a band that is showing both organic and acoustic sides as well as electronic beats and vast synthesizer soundscapes. With beautiful vocal harmonies added the overall auditory appearance is not unlike fellow Nordic acts Röyksopp and Kings of Convenience, somewhere in the gap between Air and Beatles. The band formed in Aarhus, cultural capital of Denmark, and the epicenter of the alternative and eclectic music milieu, but has just re-located to test the music out on the bigger scene of the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

Bear With Me has already enjoyed international attention with singles hitting big international media such as The Clash Magazine and Medium. The debut single “After Me” charted the Hypemachine and the band was highlighted by Deezer in the UK as a one-to-watch artist.

The themes of the songs bear witness of that maniac state having the fever, puts you in, reflecting on how to live your life in hindsight and maybe how this maybe restricts how the present is perceived? So is it the past or the present we are living for and what is it we are searching for. As for now it is good track to listen to right here, right now and hopefully a track that will be part of some memories that you can look back on.




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