Baëbe Ruth


Formerly referred to as Babe Ruth, Baëbe Ruth is a 20-year-old Jamaican/Irish/Native artist from Ottawa, ON. Dimensions of her career include song writing, rapping, singing, and writing poetry.

“I believe music to be my third language. It is inherent to my character, and immanent in my day to day life.” She is currently under the management of Mia MNGMT whose goal is to release music that anyone can relate to. With that being said, versatility is a strong suit of Baëbe Ruth’s. She hates to think of herself confined to one genre. She is more than an R&B artist. She can rap, she can sing the blues/jazz, and write for others no matter the genre.

Though music can be very subjective, Baëbe Ruth tries to place herself in other people’s shoes. When you’re able to do so, the possibilities are limitless. That’s what makes you different as an artist – breaking out of the box, and exploring different genres/aspects to music.




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