Apryll Aileen


Bad Things is an album that spans love, heartbreak and adventure while dancing through inner shadow work. It is an album that inspires and uplifts while simultaneously shining a light on that which drags us down. It is one woman’s journey on the road as an artist, forging her own path and exploring the depths of her soul through internal introspection and connection with others.

Her new single “In These Flames” plays with fire, toys with trust issues, and hints at the double life of being a spy. Trust can be a volatile agent – when violated, it can either go up in flames or slow burn over the heat of passionate embers. What happens next is a mystery.

The album was written between Los Angeles, New York, Atlantic Canada and the United Kingdom and was produced by Grammy Nominated Daniel Lafrombe (John Legend, Amy Wadge). It will be released on Friday, October 13th. Maintaining story and substance while staying in the Alt-Pop R&B production style, the title track “Bad Things,” teases sassiness with sensuality, striking a chord on the duality of our human nature.

“Wasted On Your Love” was written in 20 minutes, in the heat of drunk infatuation, on a small keyboard and was turned into a big dance hit, while songs like “Home” are a spiritual reminder that “Wherever we go, there we are.” From being ghosted to true love, and the mysterious missions of “In These Flames” and “Catch Me,” the album is nothing short of a landscape for the tapestry of all the different human experiences we encounter and the emotions we feel.

The bonus track “Our Time,” produced by JUNO Award-winning electro-pop producer Corey LeRue (Neon Dreams, Ria Mae) also originated from a simple piano/vocal. Corey turned it into a sing-along earworm with sweet island sounds and a danceable beat.




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